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A turbocharger with ball bearings is most often used for high-performance automobiles. Ball bearings reduce friction and can withstand higher loads - as a result, the turbocharger is able to transmit more power than its counterpart with journal bearings. Ball Bearing Turbochargers also don´t suffer from "turbo-lag" as much. Most of BB turbochargers are manufactured by GARRETT, IHI and BorgWarner KKK (mass produced performance cars).


  • This product line represents turbochargers well intended for performance upgrades
  • Thanks to the inovation and technical design they are able to transmit a higher power output
  • They are characterized by much smaller friction coefficient, resulting in a much better boost and response in low RPM ranges
  • They are manufactured from high quality materials
  • The various types are characterized by different dimensions of the compressor or turbine housings - the advantage is that the turbo can be matched easily to a specific engine


  • Sales of new turbochargers with ball bearings
  • Control valves for turbocharger with ball bearings
  • Spare parts and maintenance kits
  • Gasket kits and mounting kits
  • Fast delivery times for no-stock items



  • New turbocharger sales - particularly when replacing a journal bearing turbocharger with a ball bearing alternative 
  • Performance modifications - calculation of compatibility of a turbocharger for a given aplication
  • In the field of turbocharging with BB type turbochargers
  • Information on maintenance and troubleshooting